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Dave Phillips Bluesdays

Dave Phillips Bluesdays

For all the countless contradictions inevitable in any style of popular music, folk rock may have the most. The two words are incongruous. Still they stand as a valid designation for an enduring and much beloved musical tradition. That's what Dave Phillips thinks anyway. Over the last three years the Vancouver born singer/songwriter has drifted further and further astray within the loosely defined borders of roots rock alt. country whatever you want to call it. His debut EP '1887-1905' speaks either of his embrace of, or surrender to a medium rich in conflict, confusion and of course contradiction. It's the result of an unlikely partnership between a budding writer and veteran producer Ben Mink. Intrigued by Phillips' early demos Ben brought the former under his wing. Together they crafted a collection of songs that are utterly unique in their depth of artistry and musical range. His live performances add further weight to the material, drawing on the experience of three separate tours of Ireland and the UK as well as countless appearances at home in Vancouver. In the last few years travel has been his education as well as his livelihood. It's where his music comes from and where it really rings true. There's a lot of experience to capture in one EP. Somehow, in it's own way, this stunning debut manages to say it all; articulating the stories it has to tell through melodies of real regret on one hand and ecstatic joy on the other. What a contradiction. 2010 - "1887-1905" Dave Phillips Produced By Ben Mink (Grammy Award Winning Artists. kd lang, Feist, Daniel Lanois) Mastered By Craig Wadell @ Gotham City Sudios


  • Tue, Mar 28th 2017 9:00 pm

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